Organisation of Polish FADN

Main objective of Polish FADN
Delivery of farm accountancy data from representative sample of farms to the European Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN).


Interim goals of Polish FADN
Farm accountancy data collected in the framework of Polish FADN will lead to realisation of interim goals, namely:

  • Provide information to governmental bodies. Farm accountancy data are necessary data for member states representatives for negotiations on the EC forum on implementations of the national support schemes and Common Agricultural Policy.
  • Provide information for farmers representatives. Farm accountancy data are necessary data for farmers representatives for negotiations with governmental bodies concerning conditions of farm functioning and initiatives for national support schemes.
  • Provide information for research and science community. Farm accountancy data are the empirical base for different analysis.
  • Provide information for advisors. Farm accountancy data will be grouped according to different criteria which will help for example in preparation of business plan.
  • Provide information for farmers participating in the Polish FADN. Farm accountancy data are the empirical base for making different type of reports useful within decision making process.

Organization of Polish FADN
The Act on collecting and use of accountancy data from agricultural farms of 29 November 2000 in detail describes the task of central level of the System, which constitutes of: National Committee and Liaison Agency. The task of Liaison Agency, which in Poland is Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics – National Research Institute in Warsaw, is inter alia contracting with accountancy offices farm accountancy data collection from representative sample of the holdings. Cooperation between members of the System, starting from Liaison Agency through accountancy offices, advisors and farmers is regulated by every year contracts.  The role of accountancy offices at the level of voivodship act agricultural advisory centres (ODR’s). Contracts precisely describes the scope of farm accountancy data, deadlines for data delivery and the confidentiality rules (protection of accountancy data and personal information of the holder of agricultural holding).


Agricultural holdings participating in the system
Agricultural holdings functioning in Poland were classified according to European Typology (Commission Regulation (EC) No 1242/2008 of 8 December 2008 establishing a Community typology for agricultural holdings with amendments). In Poland classification of agricultural holdings was done basing on:

  • four SO regions,
  • four sets of SO parameters,
  • 2007 Farm Structure Survey data.

According to the Commission Regulation on classification of agricultural holdings 2.005.688 agricultural holdings were classified. This population have created about 68 billions PLN of value of SO. Basing on a structure of SGM in Poland the minimal threshold of economic size of the holding in the field of observation of Polish FADN was established. The threshold was established at the level of 4000 euro.

Field of observation of Polish FADN covers 738.073 agricultural holdings, which ensured covering 89,5% of total SO in Poland.  Using statistical tools the representative sample for the field of observation of Polish FADN was drawn.  The established size of sample of Polish FADN, approved by European Commission, amounts to 12 100 agricultural holdings. This means that on average one agricultural holding from Polish FADN represents about 61 agricultural holdings from the field of observation of Polish FADN.


Standard products of Polish FADN
Under the regular procedure of functioning of Polish FADN the standard products are predicted. Between them it can be named:

  •  Computer data base – in this base on the yearly basis data from about 12.500 agricultural holdings are gathered. Each holding in data base is  characterized by over 2,5 thousand parameters.
  • Individual Report of Agricultural Holding – is created authomaticaly for each agricultural holding participating in Polish FADN.
  • The FADN Farm Return – structure and content in line with the Commission Regulation (EC) No 868/2008 of 3 September 2008 on the farm return to be used for determining the incomes of agricultural holdings and analysing the business operation of such holdings with amendments.
  • Comparison report of individual farm with the group of the similar farms – this report is created on request of farmers, after closure of data base for the requested accountancy year.
  • Standard Results for groups of holdings participating in the Polish FADN – fully comparable structure with the European Commission Standard Results report.