Polish FADN Accounting Offices inventory

  Listing of the Polish FADN (Farm Accountancy Data Network) Accountancy Offices   The cooperation of the system stakeholders from Liaison Agency, through Accountancy Offices to extension officers and farmers is based on annually concluded agreements. According to the regulation, the Accountancy Office with which the contract will be signed has to guarantee objective and earnest transfer of the accountancy data.   The functions of the Accountancy Offices in all the voivodeships are performed by the Farm Advisory Centres (FACs) cooperating with the farmers. From the 1st of August, 2009, all FACs are subordinate to local authorities.   Each Accountancy Office has appointed an FADN coordinator who is responsible for organizing of accountancy data collecting in an assigned division and information flow between the IAFE-NRI and the Accountancy Office. The map below shows Accountancy Offices in the respective voivodeships, assigned FADN coordinators and the number of farms (as for the 27th of March, 2019) submitting the data for the purposes of the Polish FADN.  

Polish FADN Regions

  • Małopolska i Pogórze (800)
  • Mazowsze i Podlasie (795)
  • Pomorze i Mazury (785)
  • Wielkopolska i Śląsk (790)