Agencies of FADN in Europe

The development of the Common Agricultural Policy requires that there should be available objective access and relevant information in the various types of agricultural holdings and on the business operation of holdings coming within categories which call for special attention at Community level. Due to limited ability of the European Commission (EC) in that regard, each Member State is obliged to appoint FADN Liaison Agency.


Each FADN Liaison Agency performs a number of tasks. Its main task is to prepare the selection plan of returning farms which deliver data to the network. The selection plan is submitted to the National Committee and then to the EC. Moreover, Liaison Agencies compile the list of returning farms.
Liaison Agencies are also responsible for data quality control, duly completion of farm returns, and submitting farm returns to the EC.


The Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics-National Research Institute in Warsaw serves as Polish FADN Liaison Agency.


Below there are links to the Liaison Agencies’ websites in remaining Member States.


Liaison Agencies of FADN in Europe

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