General information

e-Learning is a modern method of learning via the Internet. Nowadays it’s gaining wider group of supporters in Poland as well as around the world. E-Learning allows learning at any place, time and pace. It uses the latest technologies in teaching methods in order to achieve the best results.


A team of experts of the Polish FADN Liaison Agency prepared a set of e-Learning online. Lessons themes are related to the FADN and intended mainly for agricultural advisors and coordinators involved in the Polish FADN. Courses are divided into lessons. In each lesson there is a chance to test acquired knowledge in practice by solving a set of interactive tasks and exercises and familiarise with the background information. Each course is guided by a Virtual Assistant, which provides the participant with additional information and guides him through the course.

e-Learning courses are available only in Polish.


If you are not directly involved in the FADN but you would like to participate in the interactive learning about FADN agricultural accounting, then please write to us at the following address [email protected]. In the e-mail briefly explain why you are interested in FADN courses and we will provide you with the access to the e-Learning courses.

  • In order to participate in the e-Learning courses you have to have a login and a password. In order to obtain a login and a password you will be asked to complete a registration form available on the e-Learning platform.
  • If you forgot a password you can use “Zapomniałem hasła” function. An e-mail with your password will be send to your e-mail address.

We cordially invite you to participate in our courses.


Short descriptions of all the courses can be found after clicking the link Methodology/e-Learning/Course.