Individual Farm Report

is created separately for each agricultural holding submitting the data for the purposes of Polish FADN. The Individual Farm Report pertains to single agricultural holding. The Report is based on the data from a specified accounting year. The data have to be considered as error-free during the data quality testing procedure.


The Individual Farm Report provides the picture of the agricultural holding’s activity.
It includes information about the assets at its disposal, expenses incurred during the production process, and the results obtained in terms of quantity and value.


From the year 2012 the Individual Farm Report has a simplified form. The goal of introducing the simplifications in the Individual Farm Report is to increase the transparency and understanding of the information contained in the Report.


The farmer can choose between the new Simplified Individual Farm Report and the report generated according to the format available in previous years.
Simplified Individual Farm Report Template



Farm Comparative Report

contains basic accountancy data characterising the agricultural holding in comparison with other similar holdings chosen based on pre-defined criteria. This report is created:

  • at the IAFE-NRI,
  • upon farmer’s request,
  • after the complete database for the selected accounting year is recognized as definitive.

This report was designed as a universal tool used to compare agricultural holdings and as a starting point for further analysis.
Comparative Farm Report Template



Dynamic Farm Report

The main objective of the Dynamic Farm Report is to enable the farmer to quickly track down his farm performance and to help him assess changes in his economic performance throughout his 5 year participation in the Polish FADN survey.


The Dynamic Farm Report is a tool:

  • supporting the farmer in farm management,
  • supporting dynamic analysis of the farm performance and planning its development,
  • supporting risk assessment activities caused by fluctuations in the economic situation related to natural and market conditions,
  • supporting advisor/farmer in data quality control.

Farm Dynamic Report is available from 2009 year:

  • upon the request of interested farmers,
  • as of 2014 accounting year can be generated through RDR – internet accessible system.

In order to generate Farm Dynamic Report the presence of data from 5 consecutive years is necessary. It is recommended to generate the report only after the closure of the accounting year (i.e. after sending the data to the European Commission).


If the farm keeps accounts for the Polish FADN less than 5 years, then the cells in the report, for which there is no data are blank and marked with grey color. To generate the report it is possible only for farms which keep accounts for the Polish FADN for at least two consecutive years.


Farm Dynamic Report contains the synthetic data characterizing the basic resources of the farm, its organization of production, quantitative and value results of farm performance. Changes in farm financial situation are characterized by certain information regarding cash flows, subsidies, VAT balances, production costs and balance sheet.


Important elements of the report which allow to quickly assess the changes in the economic situation of the farm are technical and financial indicators and ratios as well as charts characterizing the dynamics of the changes. The latter include changes in:

  • production, costs, subsidies, income,
  • financial balance sheet,
  • prices of basic agricultural products.

Dynamic Farm Report Template