Workshops in Portugal

From 25th May till 01st of June 2008 workshops in Portugal took place. In those workshops 29 people took part: representatives of Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics – National Research Institute (Liaison Agency for FADN in Poland), Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development, Central Statistical Office and 3 regional advisory centers: dolnośląskiego, łódzkiego and świętokrzyskiego. The main purpose of the workshops was to study institutional and functional organization of FADN in Portugal. Gained knowledge enables optimization and quality check of accountancy data for FADN and improvement of collecting data from agricultural holdings for calculations of SGM coefficients and a new parameter – standard output.
During the workshops the methods of collection and creation of database by the Liaison Agency for FADN in Portugal (which is the part of GPPAA – Gabinete de Planeamento e Politica Agro – Alimentar) were considered. The participants acquainted also with the work at GPPAA’s regional branches, which are responsible for collecting of accountancy data for FADN, visited individual agricultural holdings and met Portuguese farmers and agricultural advisors.