The 15th Polish FADN organizational and training workshop

Between 26th – 29th September 2017 in Wisła (Silesian voivodship) was held the 15. national organizational and training workshop of Polish FADN and of the research task „Analysis of changes in the profitability of the production of selected agricultural products” of the Multi-Year Programme 2015-2019, organized by the Polish FADN Liaison Agency.

The workshop was attended by representatives of 16 agricultural advisory centres and employees of the Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics – National Research Institute (IAFE-NRI).


During the workshop papers on content-related topics and realization of Polish FADN task were presented by the employees of the Agricultural Accountancy Department of IAFE-NRI and by the guests invited. The following issues were also touched up: organization of surveys within AGROKOSZTY system, FADN data use to evaluate the results of Rural Development Programme implementation as well as examples of analyses conducted by the European Commission on the basis of Polish FADN data. During the workshops, interactive training was also provided to support the building of an effective and cooperative team based on the diversity of resources and competencies. Finally, the challenges for Polish FADN from the perspective of coordinators in particular voivodships were discussed.