Study visit of representatives of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in Turkey

On the 24th-28th of September 2012 took place a study visit for 16 representatives of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock involved with implementing the Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) in Turkey.


The group of visitors constituted the agricultural advisors from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock working in provinces of Turkey involved with i.a. farm accountancy data collection for Turkish FADN purposes, as well as employee occupied with agricultural statistics.

The main object of the study visit was familiarization with practical aspects of Polish FADN at various levels.
Polish FADN team from IAFE-NRI was the organizational and substantial supervisor of the visit.

Within the study visit the representatives of Turkey were familiarized with organization and methods of work of FADN Liaison Agency in Poland. Employees of Agricultural Accountancy Department prepared and presented numerous presentations on the scope, structure and functioning of Polish FADN. Topics presented were related to i.a.: organization and data collection from farms within Polish FADN, trainings, data quality control at Liaison Agency level, data processing, Farm Return and Polish FADN data use. The software of Polish FADN was also presented during the meeting.

The study tour participants were also acquainted with work of Accountancy Office of Polish FADN in Poświętne, which constitutes the division of Mazovian Agricultural Advisory Center. The guests visited also 5 farms conducting farm accountancy within Polish FADN.