Study visit of delegate from Republic of Kosovo

On the 1st of October 2014, at the Agricultural Accountancy Department a meeting with representative of the Department of Sectoral Policies in the Ministry of European Integration in Kosovo Mr. Hysni Nura was held.
During the meeting topics connected with organizasion of Polish FADN system were raised. Participants drew attention to the use of FADN data at EU and national level, as well as the role of the FADN in the dissemination of accountancy among Polish farmers. The products of Polish FADN were presented, particular attention was put on the Reports supporting the farm management. During the visit issues relating to the structure of agricultural holdings, selection plan of FADN sample were also introduced as well as topics connected with e-learning.
Due to the fact, that Republic of Kosovo is planning to implement FADN system, it is expected that cooperation with Polish FADN team will be developed to make best use of Polish experiences in this field.