Study visit of a delegation from Kosovo

On 25-29.06.2018, a study visit of a delegation from Kosovo took place at the Agricultural Accountancy Department of IAFE-NRI. Among the participants were five delegates from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development of Kosovo and an IT consultant. Employees of the Institute and  of the Agricultural Accountancy Department have introduced delegates to the specificity of agriculture in Poland, the methodology and organization of the work of the Polish FADN at the level of the Liaison Agency. Agrokoszty team presented their research in the framework of Agricultural Products Data Collection System. The topics discussed included: organization of data collection, Community Typology for Agricultural Holdings and selection of farms, use of the IT system for data processing and data validation, data management system, multi-level data quality control methods, their processing and preparation of reports, as well as the e-Learning in Polish FADN. Kosovo representatives presented at what stage is and how the FADN system works in their country and what the current assistance of EU experts looks like. Delegates also had the opportunity to visit the Mazovian Agricultural Advisory Center and visit the farm.