14. Annual Polish FADN workshop

Between 21st – 23rd September 2016 year in the conference centre Windsor in  Jachranka was held the 14. Annual workshop of Polish FADN and of the research task “Analysis of changes in the profitability of the production of selected agricultural products” Multi-Year Programme 2015-2019. The workshop was organised by the Polish Liaison Agency for FADN.


The workshop was also an opportunity to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the farm accountancy in Poland. On the 22nd September 2016, a special session dedicated to this event took place. The session was attended by various guests such as representatives of the European Commission, FADN Liaison Agencies from Hungary and Finland, National Statistical Office, Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation-National Research Institute, Agricultural Advisory Centres, IAFE-NRI, universities, and other institutions dealing with agricultural issues and agricultural accountancy. To the conference invited were also retired employees of the Agricultural Accountancy Department.


During the workshop presented were various issues on implementation of Polish FADN tasks. Employees of the Agricultural Accountancy Department of IAFE-NRI and invited guests gave speeches on, including substantive and practical aspects of the development of agriculture and agricultural accounting.


There were three panel discussions during the session dedicated to the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the agricultural accounting in Poland. During panel discussions various topics concerning the development of agricultural accounting in Poland from the perspective of representatives of its stakeholders were addressed, such as beginnings of agricultural accounting in Poland and possibility of adjusting the accounting for current challenges and future challenges for Polish FADN. At the end of the workshop the challenges for the Polish FADN from the perspective of regional coordinators were briefly discussed.